To break down higher education silos, robust digital communities must be architected in which institutions continuously gain insights into best practices from shared exemplars.


  • To serve a core value of collaboration, cultivate nurturing partnerships that leverage the power of ideation and co-construction using digital technologies. (Charles Sturt University, u!magine Digital Learning Innovation Laboratory)
  • At a faculty level, analyze and evaluate how other educators are modeling the meaningful use of technology in curriculum delivery, classroom facilitation, and assessment. (Full Sail University Media Communications & Full Sail Labs)
  • Institutions exhibit a desire and willingness to engage in online communities through the classroom. (University of Ottawa)
  • Collaborate with other institutions to develop and share teaching and learning resources and assets for  just-in-time learning and toolkits for faculty. (Arizona State University)
  • Community engagement (internally and across the CoAction Lab) and shared insights around responses to the shifts in edtech. Greater awareness of the opportunities and impacts (+/-) – especially in terms of student experience and the future relevance of learning experiences. (Curtin University Learning Futures)
  • Collaborate to design methods to more transparently share information on technologies to support digital learning as well as share data demonstrating the impact of such technologies on student learning. (University of West Florida)
  • Transform relationships with vendors in relation to adoption and engagement with new technologies. Research partnerships are one way of considering tech adoption. Institutions should look at two-way pathways so institutional innovations have a pathway to broader use cases. (Curtin University Learning Futures)
  • Sharing success stories of collaboration that challenged traditional higher education silos, including insights into ‘lessons learned’  when working across multiple disciplines. (University of Connecticut)
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