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A global higher education collaboratory that champions educational access and the meaningful use of technology in innovative teaching and learning practices through open dialogue and shared resources



The CoAction Learning Lab takes a community- and human-centered stance when exploring and integrating emerging technologies in global higher education. This approach acknowledges that people come first and pedagogy should be shaped based on learning effectiveness. Technology has the potential to significantly enable goals including bolstering agile and open practices, advancing technological literacy/fluency among faculty and students, promoting cross-discipline collaboration, and establishing a foundation for future and ongoing investigation. With support from CoAction Community Partners (institutional members), this program will turn edtech thought leadership into action leadership by generating an online library of resources that advances technology innovation at the intersection of pedagogy, design, implementation, and learner engagement.

As the inaugural product of CoAction, the online repository will curate high-quality, openly licensed existing resources, such as research, articles, papers, videos, and visualizations, and publish original work of the CoAction Learning Lab. Access to these resources — and the CoAction Learning Lab community — will engender important values that inform technology integration throughout higher education.

CoAction Learning Lab Values

Community Partners submitted their top three desired outcomes for this community based on consensus between students, learning facilitators, and technology leaders. From these entries, six common values emerged. Collectively representing a vision for an ideal higher education future, these values will become the organizing principles of the CoAction online repository.

Innovation Culture + Leadership

Institutions must foster a culture of innovation by supporting new initiatives from ideation to execution and engaging in ongoing strategic planning.
Learn more about the Innovation Culture + Leadership value

Digital Fluency

To meet the demands of and invent the future workforce, institutions must deepen faculty and students’ intuitive capacity to navigate, collaborate, and create in digital spaces, as well as develop an understanding of their responsibilities as global digital citizens.
Learn more about the Digital Fluency value

Effective Digital Pedagogies

Faculty and instructors must receive support from administrators to dedicate time and resources to augment their pedagogies to encompass digital technologies and practices.
Learn more about the Effective Digital Pedagogies value

Student-Centered Learning

A flexible, forward-thinking approach to curriculum design and delivery puts students at the center and ensures that learners receive an education that is relevant in today’s world.
Learn more about the Student-Centered Learning value

Inclusivity + Access

Global diversity must be celebrated through inclusive pedagogical practices that support a breadth of learner backgrounds and needs, with access to affordable digital technologies, open resources and credentialing methods.
Learn more about the Inclusivity + Access value

Communities + Partnerships

To break down higher education silos, robust digital communities must be architected in which institutions continuously gain insights into best practices from shared exemplars.
Learn more about the Communities + Partnerships value