Global diversity must be celebrated through inclusive pedagogical practices that support a breadth of learner backgrounds and needs, with access to affordable digital technologies, open resources and credentialing methods.


  • Through implementation of technology and creative ideas, expand access to postsecondary education. (Western Governors University)
  • Address barriers to diversity, economic, and post-traditional learner access. (SUNY System)
  • Create micro-learning experiences that can build toward certificates and degrees to widen the institutional audience and prepare for the next movement of competency-based credentials. (University at Buffalo)
  • Identify digital learning tools and services that can be used to benefit student learning and momentum toward earning a credential. (University of West Florida)
  • Develop a repository of scalable approaches and templates that can be implemented to improve student success. (Ithaca College)
  • Use and develop openly licensed everything. (SUNY System)
  • Reduce the cost of higher education by developing the necessary technologies to support sharing and re-using of evidence-based, data-driven educational resources and instructional designs. (University of Central Florida)
  • Ensure that the diversity of student experience, ability, and accessibility is taken into account when planning for technology use in both teaching and learning and for supporting students. (Conestoga College)
  • At an institutional level, examine new and effective approaches to pedagogy in all types of classrooms, while taking into consideration students who demand new ways to learn. (Full Sail University Media Communications & Full Sail Labs)
  • Ensure all faculty development recommendations are based on universal design for learning practices with a goal of supporting all students, regardless of their abilities. (University at Buffalo)
  • Learn how to implement sustainable and affordable technologies to build a student-centered learning environment that focuses on diversity, accessibility, and inclusion in lifelong education. (University of Central Florida)
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